Software Engineer II



  • 2+ years working with Ruby on Rails, React/React Native and/or JavaScript
  • Strong advocate for customer value in both technical and design. Able to initiate and communicate ideas that will serve our customers.
  • Able to communicate clearly on technical topics. Understands how trade offs can affect product and architecture decisions.


  • Capable of taking lead on small to medium projects independently. Is highly accountable to individual and team commitments.
  • Growth Mindset: Actively seeks out opportunities for growth, both with self and with team.
  • Actively participates in team discussions and seeks positive outcomes for team. Outwardly takes the attitude of "How can I help?"
  • Our technology product teams are building software that connect our customers to their dinner plans. Some of our product teams are focused on the customer journey, some are focused on enabling our internal innovation process, while others are focused on helping us effectively ship our meals to our customers. To accomplish this, we believe in building well rounded, diverse teams. In doing so, we create a great place to work, while shipping an impactful product.

    You will participate in product and feature building alongside the rest of the team. Working and pairing with other devs to deploy features to production. You'll participate in planning and estimating sprints.

    Our Technology Stack is primarily Ruby on Rails, React/React Native, vanilla Javascript and CSS. Hosting on Heroku, postgres database. Please click contact page, if you are interested.