Senior Full Stack Engineer, New York NY


You are a senior full stack engineer who wants to make your mark at one of NYC's hottest startups. You are passionate about creating a fantastic user experience and you feel it is critical that your voice is heard in product and business decisions. You love to learn, and equally love to share your knowledge with others.

You are a great communicator and you take care to understand before making yourself understood. You will participate in all aspects our our development and provide expertise on both front and back end.

As the swiss army knife of the engineering world, you are comfortable working on any part of the stack, from making a great interface to debugging our distributed infrastructure. Your code is architected for modularity and re-use. You have strong opinions on code structure and style. You also possess strong algorithmic and data structure knowledge.


  • BS in CS or equivalent
  • 6+ years experience in Java, Python, Javascript, and CSS
  • 3+ years experience with a Javascript framework like Angular, Backbone, or Ember
  • 3+ years of experience in writing complete, well-tested, database-driven web applications
  • Hands on experience with RESTful API design
  • In-depth understanding and hands on experience with MongoDB
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    Compensation & Benefits:

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    • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner