Cloud Architect


We are looking for a talented Cloud Architect to join our architecture team and play a strategic role in designing cloud solutions as part of GC's modernization initiatives.

The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud platform and related technologies, as well as experience in designing and transferring applications to the cloud. The candidate should have a positive attitude and excellent communication skills to effectively share his/her expertise and knowledge.


  • Architects, designs, facilitates, leads and directs cloud initiatives
  • Conveys best practices and common pitfalls for cloud system design, infrastructure integrations, application development practices and application runtime principles
  • Develops a methodology for provisioning repetitive cloud services either through internal tools/processes or by leveraging external provider's tools/processes
  • Designs a comprehensive set of enterprise management processes, tools, integrations and procedures to ensure running cloud systems "in control"
  • Identifies a set of risks posed by cloud computing services and a risk-mitigation-mapping matrix for coping with and overcoming such risks
  • Leads application life cycle management initiatives - refactoring or replacing legacy applications with cloud applications
  • Ensures cloud initiatives are aligned with GC Target Architecture
  • Recommends GC Target Architecture tweaks to account for cloud offerings

Technical Skills

  • Application Architecture - Application architecture focusing on standardized middleware options, communications protocols, data gateways and platform infrastructures. Cloud computing delivers many advancements in application architecture options, and those with current strengths in application architecture is set up for success
  • Automation and Orchestration - Cloud computing aims to simplify many automation and orchestration tasks, but the cloud architect and cloud team must have foundational knowledge of both to leverage each for their full value in cloud services. This often involves having strong knowledge of scripting, programming or application programming interface (API) interaction
  • Governance - Cloud architects must understand governance in the grand scheme of the company and convey governance principles to cloud computing in terms of appropriate use and placement policies
  • Integration Architecture - As cloud services proliferate, integration architecture is crucial for maintaining proper communication of business processes across boundaries. Integration architecture often has specific impacts on data integration, identity integration, infrastructure integration (network), services integration and provider. Please select contact page if you are interested to apply.